We can paint anything to your specifications and water type. We use foils, graphic imaging and airbrush on our custom painted lures. We also have our own line 
of custom painted lures that are very polpular among the fishing community. Feel free to browse our shop and contact us if there is something we can do for you
and we will be more than happy to oblige you! 

Twisted Customz

Twisted Customz is the industry leader in producing the highest quality custom crankbaits, custom jerkbaits and any hard lures.

Vision 95 Purple Crappie Slow floating Rattles..


This slow floating Vision 95 Purple Crappie has the classic pearl crappie sides. It has a Purple metal look that also changes to Green in the turning of the lure while it is fished..

This will cause explosive reation strikes in the spring time especially when the Crappie are up and looking to spawn. As most of you know, the Crappie spawn early when the bass are just getting hungry, this lure reflects the colors of the early Crappie, by having BOTH dominate colrs they show early- Purple and Green! 


This lure to be used with a Heart Defibrillator!!

This color Combonation cannot be out done unless copied! 

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